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2.6.Social and Relationship Capital

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2.6.1. Stakeholders Engagement

Interface on the Company level

102-40, 102-42

Principles of stakeholders engagement:

Openness and involvement

The Company pursues the policy of informational openness and involvement of the personnel in the projects (Environmental Impact Assessment — EIA, public reporting, forms/exhibitions, publications, etc).

Record and response

The Company considers the requests and demands of the main stakeholders, including the interest of those who cannot express their opinion (e.g., the future generations) and timely responds to the grounded requests and proposals.


The Company interacts with the stakeholders on all the issues that are significant for the company and all the interested parties.

Mutual benefit

The Company strives to build stakeholders engagement on the basis of partnership and mutual benefit.

Interface with stakeholders is performed in all the regions of operation of the Division. From 2018, the company has actively promoted cooperation with customers, partners, local media, public and environmental organizations, authorities and other stakeholders in the format of regular meetings, forums, conferences, exhibitions, round tables and press tours to NPP construction sites.

Stakeholders’ rank map
Stakeholders’ impact on the Company3.753.53.2532.752.52.2521.751.51.7522.252.52.7533.253.53.75Company’s impact on the stakeholders44191820141613154610121181232117597
  • 1 Shareholders
  • 2 Control and supervision bodies
  • 3 State bodies of foreign countries
  • 4 International organizations and associations
  • 5 Local government bodies in the regions of operations
  • 6 Population of the regions of operation (public representatives)
  • 7 Personnel of the Division and bodies representing its interests
  • 8 Division’s top management
  • 9 Top management of subsidiaries
  • 10 Consumers of technologies, products and services at the global market
  • 11 Consumers of technologies, products and services at the Russian market
  • 12 Suppliers and contractors
  • 13 Competitors at the global market of technologies, products and services
  • 14 Financial institutes and investment community
  • 15 Scientific community
  • 16 Educational institutions
  • 17 Ecological organizations
  • 18 Public organizations (except ecological ones)
  • 19 Rating agencies, market analysts
  • 20 Expert and professional community
  • 21 Mass media
Information about stakeholders engagement in the reporting period
Key stakeholders
Basic interests
Mechanisms of interaction
Comments to dynamics of degree of mutual impact of the Division and stakeholders compared to 2017
Shareholders: Rosatom State Corporation, Atomenergoprom, JSC ASE, JSC “Atomenergoproekt” and others Strategy implementation. Economic efficiency. Business sustainability. Business process transparency. Participation in implementation of the shareholder’s strategic objectives. Improvement of the corporate management system. Implementation of Rosatom production system. KPI implementation. The level of mutual impact is on the same level. Strong mutual influence: a shareholder takes management decisions, performs monitoring, the results of the company activity have an impact on the shareholder.
Regulatory and Supervision Bodies: Federal Environmental, Industrial and Nuclear Supervision Service Meeting Russian and international legal requirements. Obtaining licenses. Conducting inspections. Reporting. Development of proposals for improvement of legislation. The influence of stakeholders on the Division has grown. Regulatory and supervision bodies have a strong influence on the Company due to performance of their function of supervision of the activities (audit, inspections, providing reports, etc.).
State authorities of foreign countries Nuclear power development. Environmental and radiation safety. Infrastructure development. Taxes. Creation of new jobs. Implementation of social programs. EIA development. Work in joint committees, commissions, expert teams dealing with nuclear power issues. Public accountability. Contribution to the development of regions of operation. A new group of stakeholders appeared in the map due to the scale of business (80% of the orders portfolio are projects abroad) and a wide geography of the activities. Position in the rank map is explained by the importance and significance of the Division projects for the regions of operation.
International organizations and associations: IAEA, WANO, WNA, NEA/OECD Nuclear power development. Environmental and radiation safety. International conferences/ exhibitions/forums. Joint programs. Work in joint committees, commissions, expert teams dealing with nuclear power issues. The level of mutual impact is on the same level. The scale of business and the geography of activities, the technical properties of the Division’s projects ensure a strong mutual interest of the company and the stakeholders towards each other.
Self-governing local bodies Environmental and radiation safety. Infrastructure development. Taxes. Creation of new jobs. Implementation of social programs. Memoranda on cooperation. Social and charity programs. EIA development. Public counseling offices. Public accountability. The influence of the division on the stakeholders has grown due to the scale of business (80% of the orders portfolio are projects abroad) and a wide geography of the activities. The Division is a responsible tax payer into the budgets of different levels, including the regional ones, its activities have an impact on creation of new jobs in the regions of operation (see 2.6.3. “Contribution to the development of regions of operation”).
Population of the regions of operation (public representatives) Creation of new jobs. Contribution to the development of regions of operation. Public counseling offices. Social and charity programs. EIA development. The level of mutual influence has grown due to increased number of projects for NPP construction that are in an active phase.
The Division personnel and the bodies representing the employees’ interests. Trade union, Youth Council, Veterans Council Company’s development. Professional and career growth. Labor safety requirements. Fair remuneration. Personnel qualification enhancement. Management staff pool programs. Social support of employees. Social partnership. Mutual influence has grown due to increase of the Company’s scale (the growth of total number of employees by 28%, 6,852 new jobs were created).
Top management of the Division Strategy of the Company development. Improvement of the management system. Efficiency improvement program. Mutual influence has increased due to transformation of the Engineering Division, changes of the organizational structure, enhancement of the role of project managers.
Top-management of subsidiaries A new group of stakeholders appeared in the rank map of stakeholders due to the growth of the number of subsidiary companies that belong to the Division management scope and due to establishment and strengthening of the function of management of subsidiary companies.
Consumers of technologies, products and services on the global market Implementation of construction plans. Reduction of construction periods and cost. Improvement of the quality of works. Performance of contractual obligations. Participation in the work of steering committees. Mastering of up-to-date engineering technologies. Bilateral visits. A new group of stakeholders appeared in the rank map of stakeholders due to strengthening of the Division’s positions as a player on the global nuclear market, increase of the number of foreign orders, power start-up of the first generation III+ NPP (Novovoronezh NPP-2 in 2017).
Consumers of technologies, products and services on the Russian market
Suppliers and contractors Acquisition of new orders. Company’s financial status. Prospects of cooperation. Open bidding. Entering into long-term contracts with transparent pricing principles. Participation in exhibitions and forums. Bilateral visits. Establishment of strategic partnerships. Mutual influence grew due to the growth of the number of projects that are in the active stage.
Competitors on the global market of technologies, products and services: Framatome (former Areva) (France); Chinese and Korean nuclear companies; companies that design and construct other generation sources Participation in tender procedures. Work in joint committees, commissions, expert teams dealing with nuclear power issues. Development of industry research. Development of innovative technologies. Participation in exhibitions and forums. Bilateral visits. Establishment of strategic partnerships. Social programs and projects. New players in the rank map of stakeholders due to strengthening the Division position as a player on the global nuclear market, increase of the number of foreign orders.
Financial institutions and investment community Strategy of the Company development. Investment programs. Increase of shareholder value. Financial and production indicators. Financing, debt financing. The level of mutual interaction is at the same level, however, we can see strengthening of business relations of the Company and financial institutions due to the Division activity (growth of the number of projects in the active stage).
Scientific community Development of industry research. Development of innovative technologies. Joint programs. R&D orders. Scientific conferences. The level of mutual influence has grown due to the following reasons:
  • the year of science and innovations in the nuclear industry (2018);
  • effective cooperation of the Division with the scientific community in all the projects;
  • digitalization;
  • interaction of the Division with the leading Russian and foreign partners on issues related to research and development.
Educational institutions: National Research Nuclear University MEPHI, NSTU, the Lobachevsky Nizhny Novgorod State University, Ivanovo State Energy University, etc. Personnel target training. Development of industry research. Development of innovative technologies. Training, retraining and refresher training of employees. Organization of students’ field periods. R&D orders. The level of mutual influence has grown due to the need of the Division in qualified personnel, also demand for new professions — digital engineer, etc. (Establishment of MEPhI HES, public counseling offices, etc.).
Environmental organizations Social partnership. Environmental protection. Environmental expeditions. EIA development. The level of mutual influence has grown. The importance and significance of the Company’s projects for the regions of operation, power start-up of the first NPP of generation III+ (2017) arises environmental organizations’ interest in the activities of the Division.
Public organizations (except environmental ones) Social and charity programs. Social partnership. Social and charity programs. Volunteering. Public accountability. The influence of the Division on the stakeholders has grown. The importance and significance of the Company’s projects for the regions of operation is of great interest for public organizations.
Rating agencies, market analysts: RA expert Submittal of significant analytical information for modern financial andeconomic institutions. Assessment of the partner’s financial reliability. Full-scale risk assessment. Public accountability. The Division web-site. Participation in business meetings and conferences. New members in the stakeholders’ rank map. Mutual interest of the Company and stakeholders due to strengthening the role of the Division as a player on the global nuclear market.
Expert and professional community: the Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs Improvement of the business environment. Enhancement of the status of Russian business in RF and abroad. Maintaining the balance of the interests of society, authorities and business. Participation in conferences on up-to-date economic problems with the participation of representatives of the Division and chief executive officers of federal authorities. Public expert review of the accounts.
Mass media Provision of prompt access to information about the Company’s activities. Press-conferences and press tours. Public accountability. Updating of information on the site, official weblog, resources in the social networks. The level of mutual impact is on the same level. It is important to point out the importance and significance of the Division projects for regions of operation and information requirements of the public in the regions of operation.
In 2018, during international forums and conferences and in the normal course of business, a number of meetings with the leading global engineering and construction companies were held. The Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation is planning to foster partnerships during the implementation of foreign projects, involving global partners and local suppliers in cooperation to ensure the sustainable development goals”
Main Russian and International Agreements of 2018
Organization with which the Engineering Division formed a partnership (alliance) Description of projects implemented within the framework of this partnership (alliance) and the role of the Engineering Division Milestones in joint projects within the framework of this partnership (alliance) in 2018
National Research Nuclear University MEPHI/ Alexeev Nizhny Novgorod State Technical University Agreement on educational, scientific and technical cooperation Agreement was signed by V.Limarenko, President of JSC ASE EC, management company of the Engineering Division, M.Strikhanov, Rector of the National Research Nuclear University MEPhI and Sergey Dmitriev, Rector of Nizhny Novgorod State Engineering University. The signed Agreement substantially expands the boundaries of cooperation between the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation that implements the largest long-term NPP construction program in the world in Russia and abroad and two major supporting universities of Rosatom State Corporation.
SOVNET Project Management Association Roadmap in pursuance of Memorandum on Cooperation Road map on development of Project management activities in 2018–2021 in the Engineering Division was signed at the Forum. The map was signed by President of JSC ASE EC, Managing Company of Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division, and Alexander Tovb, President of SOVNET Project Management Association. Cooperation foresees the development of professional standards, preparation for the certification of the Engineering Division’s personnel, mutual work and participation in IPMA and Rosatom activities.
Russian University of Transport Agreement on cooperation The signed agreement foresees the following areas of cooperation:
  • development of technologies in the field of designing, construction and operation of transport infrastructural facilities, including high-speed transport systems;
  • solution of tasks related to analysis and structuring of big data bases on operation of transport infrastructural facilities;
  • information modeling of designed facilities and construction of transport infrastructurel facilities;
  • solution of tasks in the field of virtual and augmented reality;
  • implementation of joint projects and programs with the participation of specialists in the field of digital transformation of the nuclear industry.
Bureau Veritas S.A. Memorandum on cooperation The parties express an interest in establishment of a strategic partnership for development of digital platforms ensuring data integration and management at all the stages of nuclear facility life cycle by all the stakeholders (including designer, operator, regulatory authority, inspection organization and suppliers).
Assystem Group Conclusion of a contract Providing consulting/engineering services at the initial stage of the project.

2.6.2. Information Policy

Communication policy of the Engineering Division has not changed compared to 2017.

For more information refer to Annual Report 2017 p. 108.
Participation in large international and federal communication projects and events in 2018
Communication project,
Participation format, result
Information projects:
Press-tour of Russian journalists to Rooppur NPP construction site in Bangladesh One of the important activities in 2018 in South Asia was information support of First Concrete ceremony at Rooppur NPP Unit 2. A press-tour of Russian mass media to Bangladesh was organized. Over 450 publications came out upon the results of joint work with “Rosatom — South Asia” in international mass media including Russia and Bangladesh. Within the framework of this event, information materials were prepared for Yuri Borisov, Deputy Chairman of the RF Government on Defense, speakers of Rosatom State Corporation and Russian and Bangladeshi journalists. The site of the event was branded. The Government of the Russian Federation expressed gratitude to representatives of the Engineering Division of Rosatom and Rusatom International Network for organization of the event.
Visit of Russian bloggers to Bangladesh to Rooppur NPP construction site A visit of Russian bloggers (TOP 50 Instagram) to Bangladesh. The bloggers travelled along the route of equipment supply to Rooppur NPP. They also visited Dundarban, the largest mangrove forest on Earth whose existence is threatened due to climatic changes. The goal of the trip was promotion of nuclear power industry among young people (18–35 years old) in Russia and CIS countries, enhancement of the level of knowledge of the Bangladeshi population about Rooppur NPP that is being constructed under the Russian design. The bloggers’ visit was highlighted by the leading mass media of Bangladesh: three press releases were prepared and circulated and a meeting with TV correspondents was held. The media coverage included 75 publications and four TV broadcasts over 5 minutes each. Upon the results of the trip, the bloggers published 6 posts and a number of stories including 3 posts and 4 stories from Rooppur NPP construction site. During the trip, the bloggers met students from Department of Journalism of Dhaka University and schoolchildren. The bloggers told the students and the children that that they had lived about 200 km from nuclear power plants and other enterprises of Russia (Rooppur NPP is located at about the same distance from Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh), they encouraged Bangladeshi students to be more active in social networks which are currently playing the role of new mass media. Upon the results of the trip a meeting was held between the bloggers and Khan Kabir, CEO of Council for Tourism of Bangladesh, Deputy Minister of Ministry of Tourism and Civil Aviation who expressed gratitude to Rosatom State Corporation and the Engineering Division for organizing the bloggers’ tour. He pointed out that cooperation between Russia and Bangladesh in the nuclear industry has created a platform for development of humanitarian exchanges between the countries. The meeting was attended by Kazi Vahidul Alam, editor-in-chief of Bangladesh Monitor, the leading Bangladeshi newspaper about travelling.
Days of Russian culture in India Days of Russian culture were for the first time organized in India. During those days three concerts of children’s folk dance group named after A.N. Filippov took place. The children also performed in Anushaktinagar, the nuclear community of Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India. The days of Russian culture in India were much publicized in the mass media. Over 30 publications covered the events. The Days of Russian culture were organized jointly by the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India,|Nuclear Power Corporation of India, the Embassy of Russia in India and “Rosatom — South Asia”.
Press-tour of Belorussian mass media to Novosibirsk Chemical Concentrates Plant The press-tour was organized for leading Belorussian mass media on 3–6 September 2018. The main objective of the tour was to inform mass media in Belarus about the safety and environmental friendliness of the nuclear fuel manufactured for Belarus NPP. The enterprise demonstrated the global-level quality standards, a high level of production culture and automation. Belorussian journalists were provided information about the safety of transportation of fresh fuel to be loaded into the first unit of Belarus NPP. Besides the information component, the press-tour included discussions with Russian experts who demonstrated the compliance with the radiation safety requirements during fresh fuel transportation. Upon the results of the press-tour, 50 publications and a TV broadcast came out at Belarus-12 federal channel. All the publications were of neutral or positive character.
Gala-concert of opera singers of Moscow and St. Petersburg during the Forum for nuclear industry suppliers in Cairo, Egypt Within the framework of Nuclear Industry Suppliers Forum in Cairo, gala-concert of opera signers of Moscow and St. Peterburg “High Art — High Technologies”, was held. The official event was attended by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation to the ARE S.V. Kirpichenko, Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy Dr. Mohamed Shaker El-Markabi, Chairman of Board of Directors of Nuclear Power Plants Authority of the Arab Republic of Egypt (NPPA) Dr. Amged El-Wakeel, the managers of Egyptian supplier companies. The gala-concert was attended by over 1000 guests. Upon the results of the PR-event, 194 publications came out in Egyptian and Russian mass media in Arab, English and Russian.
The Champions media-project integrated into the Football World Cup Educational and entertainment project “The Champions” was launched in Nizhny Novgorod during the World Football Cup. Vesti FM and Mayak radio stations broadcasted educational mini-programs in Nizhny Novgorod dedicated to nuclear industry and football. To visualize the scopes of nuclear projects implemented by the Engineering Division, the journalists compared the technical properties of NPP equipment and main facilities with the characteristics of the famous architectural monuments of Nizhny Novgorod or the well-known achievements in football. Twelve topical mini-programs (40 seconds each) came out. Video-versions of the mini-programs were downloaded on the Company’s page in Facebook . Total outreach of the project was 0.9 million people.
Sports competition organized by trade unions among companies of Nizhny Novgorod Informational support of sports competitions organized by trade unions. Different sports competitions were held during the year. The team of JSC ASE EC held first place among 23 teams in competitions in 14 sports events. Stories in Nizhny Novgorod State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company and in Nizhny Novgorod Television. Coverage on web-sites, in social networks, corporate newspaper and wall newspaper.
Educational projects:
Science festival “Peaceful Atom — 30 Years of Russian-Indian Cooperation”, New-Delhi, India. Science festival of Rosatom State Corporation “Peaceful Atom — 30 Years of Russian-Indian Cooperation” dedicated to the 30th anniversary of Russian-Indian cooperation in the field of peaceful use of atomic energy was held in the schools of New Delhi. A number of scientific and educational events in the field of nuclear science and technology was held. On 8th February — the Russian Science Day, “Nuclear ABC” book was presented in the Russian Center of Science and Culture in Delhi, in English and Hindi. Schoolchildren had an opportunity to read the Nuclear ABC, the books were also handed over to schools in Delhi. Within the framework of the Festival, children’s drawings competition of Rosatom State Corporation was organized. The competition was attended by over 100 schoolchildren from Russia and India. In total, about 800 children participated in the event. About 50 publications appeared in mass media. The event was organized by the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation, “Rosatom — South Asia” and Russian Center of Science and Culture in New Delhi.
Festival of science in India The third Festival of Science of Rosatom State Corporation was organized in Mumbai and New Delhi. About 5000 school children participated in the event. Among honored guests of the event were S.K.Sharma, Chairman and Managing Director of NPCIL, Shri Jayant Khobragade, Deputy Director of Department of Atomic Energy of India, Mikhail Kornienko, astronaut, Dmitry Kandyba, official representative of Rosatom State Corporation in India and Andrey Shevlyakov, general director of “Rosatom — South Asia”. Upon the results of the Festival, over 70 publications appeared in the leading mass media of India in English, Hindi and Marathi (one of the languages spoken in Mumbai). Articles were published in the Times of India, Hindu, Maharashtra Times, Nav Bharat Times, Hindustan Times (belong to TOP-10 media); a story about the festival was shown on Doordarshan, the leading state TV channel. In total, about 100 publications covered the event in Indian mass media. The event was organized jointly by the Department of Atomic Energy of the Government of India, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, Jawaharlal Nehru Centre for Advanced Scientific Research, the Embassy of Russia in India and “Rosatom — South Asia”.
Week of Atomic Energy — 2018 in Bangladesh A Week of Nuclear Power and Science-2018 was held in Bangladesh in the cities of Ishvardi, Kushtia, Rajshahi and Dhaka. Over 20 lectures on physics, mathematics and ecology were delivered for students and schoolchildren. Various educational, scientific and entertainment programs were organized. Information materials promoting nuclear power and telling about its safe use were handed out during the events. The outreach was over 1000 people. Upon the results of the event, over 50 publications appeared in the republican and regional media. The event was organized by the Engineering Division of Rosatom State Corporation, “Rosatom — South Asia” and Bangladesh Atomic Energy Commission.
“Green Square” Interactive Program (Belarus) “Green Square” interactive program with 4 zones (water, sun, wind, atom) was attended by over 9 000 local residents and visitors. About 30 publications appeared in mass media. Average outreach of the project was 2.2 million people.
Film production dedicated to Rostov NPP construction The film production was timed to putting of Rostov NPP unit 4 into industrial operation. The film tells about the construction of the NPP four units that were designed and built by specialists from JSC ASE EC. The film was also shown on regional Volga channel and at the corporate event dedicated to Nuclear Industry Day.
Achievements and Awards:
Rating “Fuel and Energy Industry of Russia in Social Networks” First place in efficiency rating in category “Machine Building and Engineering”. The rating was prepared by communication agency PR Company.

Educational project “Green Square”

In August 2018 the 550th anniversary of the city of Ostrovets in the vicinity of Belarus NPP site was celebrated. The celebration was accompanied by the “Green Square” educational project. This is the common name of the four environmentally friendly energy sources of the future: nuclear, solar, water and wind power. The main slogan of the PR-campaign is “Nuclear energy is the universally acknowledged source of pure and safe power”. The “Green Square” interactive program was attended by over 9,000 residents and guests of Ostrovets

Plans for 2019

The 2019 and the mid-term plans in the field of communications:

  • implementation of unified industry informational, advertisement and brand-policy of Rosatom State Corporation.
  • Implementation of communication programs enhancing theimage Rosatom State Corporation as the technical leader, also via information centers in regions of operation.
  • Educational, information, social and cultural events in the regions of operation of Rosatom State Corporation Engineering Division.
  • Organization of continuous informational exchange with mass media about the activities of the Division, organization of press-tours to NPPs, organization of PR-support of important events within the framework of the Division’s activity.
  • Creating the image of a company open for cooperation with strategic partners, mass media, public organizations in Russia and abroad.

2.6.3. Contributing to the Development of Regions of Operation


Development of regions of NPP construction

NPP construction is a business that largely determines the level of employment in the regions of project implementation as it requires significant work force, highly qualified specialists, workers and engineers. These personnel are employed both by the Engineering Division and contractors participating in projects implementation.

The Engineering Division is undertaking consistent efforts to develop the regions where NPPs are constructed. In 2018, a number of events were organized aimed at development of those regions.

Kursk NPP-2

JSC ASE EC annually organizes a competition of charity projects. Non-commercial, state, municipal and budget companies, governmental and non-governmental mass media, self-government bodies, youth public organizations of Kursk region were invited to participate in the competition.

The total cost of social projects involving the local population and local communities in 2018, amounted to 5,910 thousand rubles.

Belarus NPP

Social and engineering infrastructure is being created in Ostrovets, in the region of Belarus NPP construction. The following facilities were built in 2012–2017: a school for 520 children, a kindergarten for 190 children, a supermarket, two cafeterias for 20 and 30 places, a library and book storage for 10 thousand books, a post office, a consumer services center in district No. 2. In 2018, a new sports complex was put into operation, including a swimming pool, a gym and a sauna for 25 people.

Taxes and fees charged and paid by organizations of the Engineering Division, bln RUR
2017, %
  Charged Paid Charged Paid Charged Paid Charged Paid
Taxes and fees in total, including:6.245.458.566.2414.6315.4370.91147.27
To Federal budget–2.57 –5.15–3.05–2.67–2.62–4.33–14.1062.17
To RF subjects budget0.
Local budgets0.–25.00
Foreign countries budgets2.112.292.942.
Consolidated taxpayers group profit tax2.183.854.342.348.8711.08104.38373.50
Insurance fees to off-budget funds4.334.


The Engineering Division plays a significant role in forming the income part of the budget in areas where the company operates.


The Government of Nizhny Novgorod region granted JSC ASE a tax exemption for profit tax to be paid to the regional budget in the amount of 29.84 million rubles, for assistance in the organization of sports event. Other companies in the management scope of the Engineering Division did not get any tax exemptions or any other financial assistance from the state in 2018.

The main volume of tax payments is VAT to be refunded from the budget (−) due to export operations for sales of equipment (reimbursement during sales charged with VAT 0%) for JSC ASE.

JSC ASE EC, JSC ASE, JSC “Atomenergoproekt”, JSC ATOMPROEKT, Trest RosSEM Ltd are members of taxpayers consolidated group (TCG) due to which they do not pay profit tax independently. Charged and paid profit tax is reflected in the amount corresponding to settlements with the responsible CTG participant.

bln RUR.
the volume of paid taxes and fees in 2018
Contribution of the companies of the Engineering Division management gross tax payments in 2018, %
34JSC ASE EC15JSC ASE13JSC ATOMPROEKT11PJSC ESM8JSC “NIKIMT-Atomstroy”7Trest RosSEM Ltd5JSC “Atomenergoproekt”7Nukem Technologies Engenering Dervices GmbHand Nukem Technologies GmbH

A significant focus area is organization of Charitable Projects Competition for non-profit organizations, which is held in the following categories:

  • culture and sports
  • environmental protection
  • patriotic initiatives
  • young generation”

Charity activities


The relations of Rosatom Engineering Division with regional authorities and local self-government bodies, as well as public organizations are based on mutual interest and commitment in the area of social and economic development of the regions where it operates.

One of the most important Company’s fields of work is charity.

Charity projects competition

A significant focus area is organization of Charitable Projects Competition for non-profit organizations, which is held in the following categories:

  • culture and sports,
  • environmental protection,
  • patriotic initiatives,
  • young generation.

The competition has been held for 5 years. In 2018 the total grant funding amounted to 15 million rubles. (In 2017, it was 26.4 million rubles).

One of the winners in Ecology nomination was the Limpopo Zoo in Nizhny Novgorod. The zoo received a grant in the amount of 400,000 rubles.

The Zoo project has participated in the grant competition of JSC ASE EC in the region of operation for two years. The funds are used for the construction of a pengvinarium.

Additional form of charity activities is implementation of a trilateral agreement on cooperation in conducting sports events in Nizhny Novgorod region. The parties of the agreement are JSC ASE, the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region and the State Autonomous Institution “Sports Training Center”. In 2018 the amount of support was 30 million rubles. These funds are not part of the charity program, so in accordance with the Law of Nizhny Novgorod region dated 01.11.2017 No. 145-З “On reduction of profit tax rate for certain categories of tax payers in 2018”, the funds will be compensated during the payment of profit tax.

Upon application of the above funds, and in case of their long-term use, the beneficiary shall submit and annual detailed Report about the use of the funds in accordance with the stipulated form, attaching copies of payment documents and other documentation confirming the appropriate use of the funds (copies of certificates, estimates, invoices, bills, etc.). These reports are examined by the legal and accounting departments of JSC ASE EC and JSC ASE, and in case of additional request, by auditing departments of the companies.

Charity funds, mln RUR
201820172016201820172016201820172016JSC ASEJSC ASE EC TOTAL288.30221.60509.90177.0097.30274.307,69187.73195.42+162.82%+227.75%+185.92%

Significant attention was paid to the following:

  1. Implementation of socially important cultural and sports initiatives of the local communities in the city of Paks and adjacent regions in the area of Paks-II NPP construction.
  2. The construction of an orthodox church has commenced at Belarus NPP site.
  3. A planetarium has been built in Sirius Educational Center. The video-content of the planetarium includes modern digital technologies of Rosatom State Corporation.
  4. Reconstruction of churches in the regions of operation (theAssumption Cathedral of Sarov Monastery, the Church of the Protecting Veil of the Mother of God in Dichnya village).